Collection: Fabricating The Feminine | Mar 2021

Writings on the origin of women always claim association to material from a man. The Scriptures explain that the conception of the first woman, Eve, was made from Adam's rib to "complete man" and be his helper. Looking at Greek mythology, Aphrodite - the goddess of love and beauty - was born out of her father's thrown genitalia to the sea. This intertwining of the male to the body of water caused it to foam from which the goddess rose in stunning bareness. The Philippines, more importantly, continues to teach its female origin by presenting "Maganda" with "Malakas." Again, woman fabrication links to a man - this time, from inside a tree.

Years have passed, movements have stifled and risen, and we still see women having their essence connected with men. It is as if women cannot stand alone and enjoy their femininity to the fullest in the presence of no man. Maybe, we ought to look at the woman and how her productions oppose her very same origins. There must be more that can be revealed in a woman's creations: that she can create alone. She can invent with no shafts guarding.

Women aspire to be as real as they can without societal boundaries, rigged to oppress, control, or limit them.

The divine feminine needs expression, acceptance, and encouragement.

In time for international women's month, FABRICATING THE FEMININE - the online exhibit - will feature solid pieces (sculptures, mixed media, pottery, prints, clothes, among others) from numerous Filipina artists. Through the exact same bodies that experience their essence, The Grey Space PH wants to mold the woman in her utmost independence - her creation and what she can create alone. Feature artist: Ann Casas, Audrey Punsalang, Catherine Campos, Ja Turla, Kiara Corales, MaRIAN Gallo, Reine So, Shireen Co, TMB, and Ululay.


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