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Misconception About Love

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Jo | Misconception About Love

Acrylic on Canvas Board

12" x 16" x 2"



Society has depicted "love" differently than it actually is. This painting is an amalgamation of what love is not expected to be, it represents what to look out for, and it shows how messed up it could be for someone who experienced a tragic "love" life. I wanted to paint this idea because in all honesty the concept that most people have about "love" these days are not what it truly is. Love is not a cure for loneliness. It is not dishonest. It is neither obsessive nor does it drain your existence.

Hi! I'm Jo, I love pop surrealism and works that is produced outside from photo references. I use acrylic paints to create most of my works but sometimes I dabble into digital art. I find inspiration for most of my works through my thoughts, things I find meaningful and all sorts of things. I am still learning and developing my craft.