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Row Bean Paz

Ang pagHatsing sa pag Hat-ching

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Row Bean Paz

“Ang pagHatsing sa pag Hat-ching”

Acrylic on canvas with wood backing

24" x 24"


This depics a NEW LIFE . As this season for another Easter. A new beginning from somewhere, hidden from almost all to be exposed, to be honed, to be what, who it should be.


Row Bean Paz, A Bachelor of Fine Arts- Advertising Major in Technological University of the Philippines graduated 1994. Presently employed at a Digital printing print production house as an Art Director. Just came back from 25 years of absence on the artscene in 2019. Likes to play around with realism to surrealism but is paving and exploring artworks to mixed media and abstract form. Now active in local art scene on-line and physical shows.