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Sigwada Knicolai

Bahana Republic

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Acrylic on Canvas

30 x 20 inches (framed)


Bahana Republic is about removing stress and just going with the flow, and riding the waves. It's the artist's take on spontaneity.

Sigwada Knicolai is a popsurrealist artist and a tattoo artist who personifies moods and emotions stemming from her bipolar disorder through expressive characters. Her primary aim is to convey a unique perspective on the world, inspiring hope for a better life despite difficulties through whimsical artwork. While occasionally delving into social commentary and other themes, Knicolai's main focus remains shedding light on mental health issues. Her characters serve as an extension of herself, reflecting personal experiences and interpretations. While acrylic paints serve as the primary medium, Knicolai often explores various other media to further express her artistic vision.