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Anne Labesores

Bi-Plane in the Sky

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Anne Labesores

“Bi-Plane in the Sky”
Mixed Media on Canvas
24” x 36”

2020 came in a big surprise to everyone. Nobody expected that the busy world we live-in suddenly stopped. Facing all these tragedies and uncertainties came to the creation of my artwork “Bi Plane in the Sky” .

Being in aviation and seeing a lot of colleagues lose their job and having friends and families stranded and unable to travel back home saddens me. I looked up and see the moon shine bright at night as if it is telling their is light in every darkness. With this in mind, I was able to create this artwork showing a bi-plane thats symbolizes life and the strength of the hearts of everyone that keeps on dreaming as the moon shines beside it.

In her decades loving art, Anne Labesores has explored the use of different mediums and genres in art. Grew up from a family of artist, Anne began drawing at a very young age and art became her source of expressing herself and also a means to ease stress.In her student years given her innate talent in art she always brings home prizes and medals for her artworks. Anne is fond of doing caricature arts of friends and family and gives them as gifts. She also enjoys painting on walls and creates mural for children's room.

Anne then became an interior designer in her hometown in Manila where she renovated houses and condominiums based on clientelles ideas and way of life. This path had to be put on halt due to her allergies and was advised to stop construction. She broken heartedly ventured to a different path. But given that Anne’s heart is full of imagination and ideas, art has allays been part of her. She did not stop being an artist and always found a way to be back in art to doing hand-made souvenirs; home decor and amazing costumes to name a few.