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Patricia Santos


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Patricia Santos | Bloom

Acrylic on Canvas

9" x 12" x 0.5"


In the garden following the red roses' path, there is going to be a blue rose that strays from the bouquet which allures the eyes of the many. Some may even try to remove it for it is unalike from the rest. The blue rose represents slowness or taking your own pace. The calmness of the figure represents acceptance and unwavering desire to stray from the path taken by many.

"I am Patricia S. Santos. On social media and most of my artworks, I am known by the artist name Snowphira. Since I was young, I have always been into doing paintings and handicrafts. I am currently a self-employed visual artist that freshly graduated from Fine Arts and Design at the University of Santo Tomas. My usual artworks often depict emotions and awareness of a specific subject. I love playing with mixed media and digital art. I became a finalist in the National Shell Artist Competition with ‘Opening the Birdcage’ as my artwork, which opens the norm of people seeing realism as the only beautiful artform. I am still improving and believe that my future artworks will reach people’s hearts and bring to the surface the small but important subjects needed to be heard." - Patricia Santos