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Sal Ponce-Enrile


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Sal Ponce-Enrile

Acrylic on canvas 
36” x 36”

The piece created a space for the artist to escape to, even for a moment, as the uncertainties of what the virus can do hit close to home. In this ‘distraction’, the artist lends us her eyes as she comprehends and struggles to maintain equilibrium ‘in the moment’, the one that is juxtaposed to the physical  struggles of her loved one. Black edging in is the inevitable that the illness could bring, while other colors—green as hope, blue for strength, white is peace—pushes back on all fronts, successfully. Both art piece and loved one broke through, and we are gifted with a tangible expression of hope.

SAL PONCE ENRILE is a former legislator, and now an international artist who uses her art as a platform to voice the complexities of her experiences. Guided by her raw and authentic emotions, Sal’s artwork depicts controlled chaos. She is mostly an abstract expressionist who uses an explosion of vibrant colors and embraces the use of mixed media, acrylics, and textures that add character and depth to the uncensored expression of her work.

Her paintings have been exhibited and sold at prestigious art shows like Art Basel Miami, The Affordable Art Fair (NY) and ArtExpo New York. She has also exhibited in museums in Florence and Rome and is represented by galleries in Europe and New York. Her works now hang inside the homes of art collectors and enthusiasts everywhere, including a celebrated NBA player-cum-avid art collector. Throughout her career, she has always sought out opportunities to enhance the lives of others through her art. She donates proceeds from all her exhibits to her chosen beneficiaries.