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Kiara Corales

[Dance Baby] Sinulog, Woman and Santo Niño

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Kiara Corales

[Sampaguita] Binibining Carmela

Linocut relief print, Oil-based ink on Paper

16.5" x 12"


A three-block linocut print. This is a piece that explores intersections of women in celebration, ritual, and religion, as well as the gaze of the traveller/tourist vs an embodied personal gaze. As a third culture kid growing up in the UK, the history and origins of such tradition(s) is knowledge that often gets lost and left untranslated so this piece was a gateway into reclaiming a part of my heritage.

"My practice as expressions of the hybrid sense of Self, aims to breach, enter, and create spaces for the subaltern to speak and be heard. These explorations manifest in internal dialogues through text and writing; through the authority of the spoken word and the physicality of sound; through audio visual installations that weave in and out of transitional spaces; and most recently through printed matter, hand-carved and hand-printed linocut relief prints. Implicit in my work is the performativity of inclusion/exclusion and the inherent importance of immersing ourselves in decolonial thinking. In this way my pieces are framed through the gaze of a Filipina in the diaspora reconciling with inherited histories, attempting to navigate the spaces of being in-between."