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Acrylic on Resin Figure
6.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 inches

Diko's fascination with toys and figures during his formative years has evolved into a distinctive artistic expression present in today's art scene. Introducing his own creation, "Stumpy," a simple yet versatile form that serves as a canvas for visual engagement and a conduit for his creative interpretations. In The Grey Space's latest exhibition, Diko employs "Stumpy" as a vessel to convey the profound influence of Mickey Mouse on his visual language. His featured piece, titled "Darwin," pays homage to Mickey Mouse as the primordial source, akin to a creative soup from which countless characters emerge. Painted onto Darwin's body, amidst a whimsical grin, are individual character heads, each expressing its unique essence. This artwork symbolizes a continuous birth, reminiscent of a mothership perpetually giving life to new forms—a metaphor embodying the central role Mickey Mouse plays in Diko's artistic practice. "Darwin" is a celebration of the liberation of the mouse, a nod to the enduring impact of this iconic character on Diko's artistic journey.