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Dr. Kwak Kwak

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"Dr. Kwak Kwak"

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 36"



"Dr. Kwak Kwak is a common game for Filipino kids. A group of children would hold hands, form a circle then tangled themselves to make a puzzle and challenge the Dr. Kwak Kwak ( taya ) to entangled them to form a circle again. Rules are applied, Dr. Kwak Kwak is facing behind when the team is making their obstacle and when Dr. Kwak kwak is finally fixing them, their hands are not allowed to let go of one another. Dr. Kwak kwak are the modern politicians we have today, some are cheating, some are forceful to fix the obstacle causing a pain to the team's hands. Some are gentle or patient. Unfortunately, Some are very clueless to the position given to them, literally a ""DR. KWAK KWAK"" (quack doctor) Why would people appoint someone who is not very knowledgeable in the job description? How can we get fixed if we keep putting the wrong in the position? It's been years living in this Pandemic and the medical attention that all of us necessarily needed including the medical practitioners, they're still not prioritized. All because we got the wrong people on the top. It's always the people that will suffer the most. It's always the people to people giving hands. No more Dr. Kwak kwak, Mayor, Kwak Kwak, President Kwak Kwak etc. in the position."


"IMAJE is an artist based in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Her works are mainly acrylic paint medium, mixed media and digital arts. In a very young age, she has been competing and making artworks and decided to pursue arts professionally after high school. She is a surrealism and contemporary art enthusiast, often telling stories about child's mind, puberty, mental health, social issues, stereotypes, child's perspective and their imagination. Her art beginning is widely influenced by anime and depicting the childhood memories, using objects such as 90's pinoy kids toys/treats and ""larong kalye"" as a concept for her works. She usually writes a poem to express the story alongside her love for pastel colors, children's material, and dark meanings. She wanted to tell stories that make someone feel personally connected and challenged. Imaje is currently a part of the local artist group based in SJDM Bulacan called ""Kulay Sapa.""