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Stephanie Victoria

Flower Diaries

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Stephanie  Victoria

“Flower Diaries”

Transparent Watercolor and Coliro Finetec Gold Paints on Arches Coldpress 300gsm

10.75” x 10.25”


Engaging myself in activities that lets me observe the passage of time intimately helped me cope during this pandemic. I was a plantita last year and decided to keep a journal this year. The artwork is referenced from the photos I took of the freshly cut flowers which I've grown from seed last January and harvested last March. 


The progress of the seedlings made me look forward to each morning. I've meticulously recorded observations inside my journal and did this everyday like a mad scientist which my father has ridiculously called me.
Days were difficult and it seemed like the world had stopped moving. However, observing and nourishing my baby seedlings and opening my journal daily to record reminded me that life still goes on regardless of our own human condition. Nature flourishes even if human activities stop. And it is a good reminder that things will continue to move outside of our mind's deception. It somehow brought me out of my feelings of helplessness or uselessness.

The other inspiration I have is the diptych format which can be interpreted as: a series of work with commonalities or a single artwork divided into two. It is usually framed on two hinged wooden panels that close like a book. I've chosen the diptych format to honor the timekeeping I did in my journal. As of the moment, I cannot frame this properly because our local framer has closed, and it is very difficult to move around. However, if I already can; I'll fondly remember the silence that I've spent counting the days through nature and reflection. It is truly a day I look forward to in the future. 
Stephanie Victoria Tan is a Filipino watercolor artist who loves to paint soft and dreamy motifs inspired by nature. She believes that there is much beauty to be captured in the simpleness of everyday life. Her works make use of shapes and contrast, between soft and hard edges to capture a poetic and transient feeling. Much of her influence has been deeply rooted in nostalgia and childhood memories which she continues to polish the more she experiences the different phases of life. She has been doing watercolor art for 6 years already, has conducted workshops in the past and has participated in some local exhibits. Having a sense of belonging and going full time are her current goals as an artist.