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Grace Yutuc

Free Your Soul

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Grace Yutuc

"Free Your Soul"
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

She’s 30 years old. been Imprisoned and struggled by the emptiness of her comfort in the past. She has inculcated her decisions based on fear, stress and imposture syndrome and without growth she has experience living in self doubt. She has deprived herself the freedom to do things she ever wanted, to live freely without doubt and denial. This time she’s taking a new approach Freeing herself out of her comfort zone, she has taken a new path to conquer her fears and weaknesses outside her empty life cycle in the past. To know what she fight for, what she love, and for what will defines her. For her It’s going to take a lot of hard work, but it will pay off in the end. Now, She’s ready to take on the challenge of her growth, her new chapter with passion and focus that will lead to genuine happiness in her life. Feeling even better than before by freeing her soul.

I'm a late bloomer artist. I had never dreamed of becoming an artist, never imagined that i could draw or paint. Outside the usual art classes that we had to do in school while i was young. But while experiencing anxiety and depression at some phase in my life, i wanted to do something new. Having poured out all my heart and emotions into my first piece, i felt so much better and at peace with my self and surroundings. I felt healed, and have never felt better. I can honestly that painting is my best medicine. I'm just new, and im trying my best, still exploring, and willing to learn a lot more.