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Human Nature

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Rhedge | Human Nature

Mixed Media on Canvas
24" x 36"
This piece is called HUMAN NATURE and was inspired by the song Human Nature by Michael Jackson. Just as nature presents us with multiple realities which emerge with the passing of time, so too there exists the same evolving duality within all of us.
Rhea is a Visual Artist. She is a self-taught artist who enjoys exploring visual mediums," Rhea studied at the University of the East (Manila) with a Bachelor of Computer Science. Rhea is an artist by heart, and it has given her the confidence to push forward and explore and use paint in different ways. It's the movement and flow that excites her; painting, pouring, and directing the paint flow can produce gorgeous works on paper and canvas. She's always on a quest to create a piece of drama with strong composition, excellent value contrast, and good rhythm. "I am endlessly curious and stimulated to experiment with color, texture, and design in ways that connect with the world around me. Striking colors, bold statements, vibrant energy. It's pure Joy."