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Annalyn Trespicio

Isla serye dos

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"Isla serye dos"

Acrylic on textured canvas

30" x 18"


A situation that arises in life. A crashing waves that came crashing and never stop for a moment. Life is full of ups and down, difficulties come and go. The acceptance that not everything in life passes through our filters. Learn to accept what is given by experience, whether it’s good or not; you still have to enjoy.

"Annalyn Trespicio is a Nomadic Artist. She's a Fine Art graduate major in advertising. Being a nomad artist is part of her odyssey to connect to different artists where she can inspire others, share ideas and create arts as part of her docu painting. She start each of her artwork by going on self discovery journey. She also love to experiment with colors and brush strokes in different mediums. Painting for her is not only creating images and scenes but it's way of transforming herself. To make a mark on canvas is to open the door of possibility of being moved profoundly and influence others."