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Puying | Kabagis

Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

"Kabagis" is the Ilocano word for sibling, or someone who is as close to you as a brother or a sister. It literally means "shared intestine". I was fascinated when I learned this word while studying in Ilocos. Indeed, there is no greater bond than those; we feel joy, pain, and anger together, or on behalf of each other. The painting features two people connected as such, literally opening up to each other. Vulnerable but without the fear of being hurt or shunned, they speak and listen to each other's hearts.

 Like the fairytales she loved since childhood, Puying dances along the lines between playful and morbid to share stories. During her early years in Iearning arts in Vigan and a year in Indonesia, she explored materials such as terracotta, wire, metal, and batik painting. Later, she focused on painting, drawing from her experiences and other concepts.