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Kaya Pa Ba?

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Itswaaa | Kaya pa ba?

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 36" x 2"



The endless repetitive cycle may test one patience and willpower. To continue and pursue your passion for the betterment of yourself and society will always be commendable work. Being able to push through adversaries that life throws at you will only strengthen and further improve you. giving yourself some time to rest isn't that bad too, right?

As an artist, everyone has their own view of what a good painting should look like, and for me, it’s the uniqueness of each painting. I wanted to paint an artwork that no one else can replicate and as of now, by using random brush strokes, fine outlines, random hatchings, unique elements, and theme; is being one step closer to my goal. I want my artwork to give voice and representation to those who are not seen. As I believe that there is always a deeper reason behind everything you see, I want to capture it and showcase it to the people who are not seeing it. -- Itswaaa.