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Acrylic on PVC Plastic and Epoxy

6.25” x 7.25” x 9"


"Part of the PVC (Post Vehemence Critters) post apocalypse world, Alt3x-15 is part of the inhabitants fighting to survive, fending other entities in that world, Aligned with the shows concept of what kept the artist going during this pandemic, the creation of that world and the entities living there it mirrored the artist desire to reinvent himself during this trying times by making his 2D characters into toys that sparks joy or give awe to people."


Kiwicuts usually show cute doe eyed subjects in his pieces it is heavily influenced by Anime and Pop culture cartoons, the style can also be described by the word kawaii (Japanese term for cute) recently he has been tweaking his style coming from a clean look to incorporating that style to something unplanned but a bit more free that does not limit the artist in making a very concise piece.

He has been known to scribble on paper ever since as a kid and started painting since his college days, and that's more than a decade of dabbing paint in surfaces.
Right now Kiwicuts is working on a lot of sculpted toys bringing to life his flat 2d characters into 3d handheld cuties.