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Jesse Camacho

Little Red Riding Wolf

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"Little Red Riding Wolf"

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 24"



we all have this greediness for something we want. maybe it's our dream, something we want, or something we crave for. and getting that is our priority. sometimes we forget to value others just to get what we want. we are not aware that in achieving our dreams, we hurt and step on someone.


“Jesse is a young visual artist based in Manila. He is a fine arts student at the University of the East Caloocan. He likes to paint and illustrate in different mediums. His inspirations are the artists who he follows on his social media accounts and those who he knows personally. Fairy tales, fantasies, creatures, and nature are usually the topics and focus of his works. He likes to add different vibrant colors into his works, too. As a Pop Surrealism artist, Jesse likes to imitate and create stories through his art in a different way. He wants to express his feelings and what he has been through using his artworks. He also aims to bring his audience in his own fairy tale because for him, life is too precious to be taken for granted. He believes that everyone has their own fairy tale which also acts as their safe haven. For him, each and every individual has their own magical world – may it be in the form of listening to music, writing a story, reading a book, and more. Jesse already had his works displayed and exhibited in different galleries such as the National Commission for Culture and Arts (NCCA), SM Megamall, Collectors Xchange Gallery, Space Encounters Gallery, Ocular Gallery, Sine Pop, Art for Space Gallery, Modeka Gallery, Collect Them All Gallery and in many different universities, colleges, and galleries. He also released his first toy sculpture “JackLeQuin” in Qube Gallery in Cebu. Today, he is currently working on his 2nd toy sculpture Salbabiboy that will be available soon. Jesse also likes participating in different online exhibitions and fundraisings. Moreover, he has always been eager to learn and explore what more he can do with his art. He also wants to be inspired and to be an inspiration to and for others. you can visit Jesse’s Instagram Art Account for his sample artworks. @jesicamacho_ "