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Ryan Francisco Caslib


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Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 24"



"MARKA" In the world of democracy, most of the people have encountered various forms of violence under the law. SCAR/MARKA can be likened to an experience that can never be erased, a complex circumstances that a person will take for a lifetime.


Ryan Francisco Caslib I (b.1993) is an artist based in San Jose del Monte Bulacan. He is a self taught artist that works mainly in acrylic paint medium. Competing and making artworks ever since he was a child and a student. Caslib finished his tertiary education at First City Providential College in Bulacan. Finishing Bachelor in Secondary Education and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Basing on his credentials, not only he's pursued arts, Caslib was a former Senior High School teacher in a private sector school in Bulacan. He's currently pursuing arts, evidence to that is him—belonging to an art collective group named Kulay Sapa and him–joining various art related contests and art shows. Having said that he's currently pursuing arts, Caslib's pieces focuses not mainly but oftenly on the daily active life of a person. He intend to convey messages and bring his ideas to life as he works on his masterpiece. Expressing the realistic ideas of the everyday life of a person.