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Wiljun M. Magsino

Mga Limatik sa Ciudad

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"Mga Limatik sa Ciudad"

20" x 30" x 2"

Staplewires & Oil on Canvas (Mixed Media)


As time passes, an individual's personality and traits develop and transform. One of these characteristics is opportunism, which can be observed in both positive and negative ways. However, for some, it becomes their only means of survival.

In society, opportunists can be divided into two categories: those who exploit situations to benefit themselves without regard for morals or ethics, and those who seize every opportunity to improve themselves.

The artwork incorporates the symbolism of the Limatik, a segmented worm known for its parasitic and predatory nature. Leeches are often portrayed as repulsive, blood-sucking parasites, rather than as intriguing creatures that grow at an astonishing rate and are used in the treatment of human diseases.

The piece is open to interpretation and can be viewed from two different perspectives depending on the observer's disposition. The artist intended to spark the viewer's imagination and let them determine whether the artwork is positive or negative.


Wiljun M. Magsino, an artist with a background in architecture, blends his love for figurative art with his perfected medium of staple wire and hatching strokes while continuously experimenting with new mediums. His artwork features naked bodies with heads made up of house structures and other symbols, symbolizing openness, transparency, architectural knowledge, personal development, and growth. His pieces aim to challenge negative societal norms and repulsive behaviors while highlighting the interconnectedness of life experiences and surroundings.