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Benedict Santacruz

Mulala 3

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"Mulala 3"

Acrylic on paper



Benedict Santacruz, He is a Filipino Mixed Martial Artist who mas ters the use of Arnis and is a skateboard enthusiast. Finished his Culinary School and is currently the chef of his very own family hotel and restaurant known as "KAIA" in Bais City, Negros Occidental. He is an undergraduate of Kalayaan College where he took up Fine Arts major in Visual Arts and gained interest in Filming and Photography. Later on, He became part of some independent films that were later on been nominated and recognized by international filmmakers such as the Cannes Film Festival. Through his youthful curiosity and explorations, he realizes that the beauty of life relies on the association of your experiences with arts combined with creativity and resourcefulness can lead to fruitful and satisfying adventures . He believes in the deconstruction of objects as a new way of creating art that plays a major role in his artworks that shows abstract expressionism and surrealism which influence his psychological plain giving visual emotions.