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Dennis Bato

Off-leveled Arena

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Dennis Bato

Off-leveled Arena
Aerosol Spray Paint and Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 48"


Balance will always have two or more opposing sides. An opposition to the norm, the same with the pre-conceived notions that were instilled to us by the environment we grew up with, there will always be discrepancies with subjective ideals from the others. There will be no oppressed if there were no oppressors. It will be impossible to gauge wealth if there were no poverty to begin with. Even the vague notion of good versus evil. There may be an equilibrium, but everyone will be forced to choose sides, and with these power structures, everyone will be playing of an off-leveled arena,


Reality is subjective, just like a shapeshifter varying between each spectators’ perspective. Dennis Bato inquires on the connection of spatial context with human forms and perceptions. Exploring issues and imposes inquiries on social relevance, observation of the chaotic society, adapting, and how it may transcend to different modes of representations. A collection of gathered thoughts that creates an illustration of graphic truths and deceptions, often finding balance from created chaos and deconstructed forms out of our society’s norms.