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Judeo Razon Herrera

Old Soul 1

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Judeo Razon Herrera

"Old Soul 1"
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 24"

Nostalgia during the glory Days of the Pearl of the Orient. Simplicity and beauty reflected in Urban Life. A retrospective of the beauty of our heritage. A few steps backward will reveal the beauty of the art piece. In closeup it seems to be abstract while as you step backward the imagery of the artwork will reveal itself. Similarly looking back at he glory days of our country.

Judeo's style may be too blatant, as one both versed with realism and abstraction, he seems quite obsessive with his splats of paint and his use of “this ash-like tint” in his works. With an explosion of his sub-conscious lies a certain fluidity which is constant among his images. The foreground is what the subconscious is to the viewer.

“ I paint not to be SEEN but to SEE and let other people SEE as well”.

Painting is an avenue where in he believes he can freely channel or express his ideas regarding certain subjects, issues and commentaries. He believes his art will always be a part of history in its humble way, history perceived through his own unique world and express it through his own verse. He is currently an instructor of Fine Arts in the University of his Hometown.