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Rayson Inoncillo

Pangarap ng Munting Paslitt

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"Pangarap ng Munting Paslitt"

Acrylic on Canvas

38" x 46"


Story of little boy missing his mother, his Mother is working abroad. His simple dream is to hug and kiss and see his mother in person.

Rayson Inoncillo, was born in Bulacan in October 1983. He loves art since his childhood. He is a self taught visual artist, specializing in acrylic and oil paint medium. He do minimalist painting style combining of realism and abstract painting. Aside from being an artist, Rayson is also a contractor and entrepreneur. He has a modular furniture business. Art helps him a lot by creating design and through it he can improve his job and work even more. Painting and creating arts are also his reliever of stress and trouble and share his story and experience.