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Arman Bautista

Red Crane

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" Red Crane "

Acrylic on Canvas

20” x 28”


In this artwork is a man with a sad face representing his feelings of love and concern with nature. The window in his chest symbolizes the freedom of all living creatures, specifically birds, to live in their natural home - nature. Trees are part of nature's wonder and it is not a secret that papers are created from trees. While it is the source of paper, it is also the natural habitat of birds which play a big role to biodiversity. The red-colored birds equate to the ongoing threats in our environment. Let's not replace birds with a mere bird formed from a folded red paper but instead, let's do our part and protect nature at all cost.

Arman A. Bautista (1999,quisao, pililla, rizal) Visual artist and musician Arman Bautista or also known as "toto" is a 4th year college student BSEE (bachelor of science in Electrical engineering) in Morong Rizal . He discovered his passion in music and in arts when he was five years old in fact, he became well-known when he was in primary school as a result of an art task assigned to him and he's also joined the rondalla band at the same time (a group of children that plays with string instruments. ). He was a solitary artist until he learned about Guhit Pinas, then he became a member of TAPA (tanay and pililla artists) and a parola artist all of a sudden. He was recognized for his participation in various categories in the field of art at his school; from grades 8 to 10, he won first place in the field of poster making. When he reached senior high, he was chosen to represent the school in municipal and division competitions where he won first place (municipal champion at dress making with painting contest 2018 and division champion at abstract painting 2018). Moreover Arman has been a part of rondalla since 2010 up to the present, every year from 2010 to 2016 they share talents in manila.