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Lawrence Perez


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Acrylic on Canvas

36" x 24"



Ang piyesang ito ay sumisimbolo sa mga taong bulag bulagan , payaso , at walang muwang sa darating na eleksyon , Karamihan ay walang matinong pagpapasya sa kanilang iboboto. Sino nga ba? Sino sa kanila ang Payaso, Sino ang Bulag bulagan at sino ang Walang muwang?


Lawrence Perez is a 27 years old self-taught artist based in Bocaue, Bulacan. He is a natural born artist, evident on that is his experiences in grade school where he was an editorial cartoonist for many consecutive years. He competed in different competitions and later became a member of an art collective group Kulay Sapa, a collective group on which he partook to pursue his art career. Perez conventionally make art pieces using acrylic medium. His pieces mainly conveys about young people who has opened their eyes and had a glimpse on the reality at a very young age that had to work for their families in which he—himself first handedly experienced. Perez wants to have his fair share of pieces portraying the youth who had to take care of matters that adults has to just because they are not born blissful enough in life. He wants to let his audiences see how the youth do it their own way to stand firmly on the society with their own feet.