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Okamoto Mitsuhiro

Suhama: Recycling Kills The Copyright

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SUHAMA is the Okamoto family's family mark. In Japanese it called KAMON家紋. 
KAMON is also based for the design of Louis Vuitton's monogram patterns.
SUHAMA is one of KAMON, and it is similar to Mickey's face upside down.
As a descendant of a samurai family, Okamoto decided to cut off the sinner's head.
SUHAMA is an original family mark and the figure of the face character is an imitation, the artist considered.
On the other hand, there is a problem of copyright in Japan. The artwork represents both of the problems in Japan.


B.1968, Kyoto, Japan. Okamoto has received his M.A.Education from Shiga
University, Shiga, 1994. Okamoto studied in Art Students League of the
New York, 1994-96. Stayed at CCA Kitakyushu as a researcher, 1997-99. Lived and worked in artist in residency programs, India, Germany, Spain, 2001-04. Lived and worked in Okinawa and Taiwan, 2004-06. Recent
exhibitions include CARt SAITAMA 2023, Saitama Triennial, 2023, Celebration , Stary Browar, Poznan, Poland, 2019, Unfreedom of
Expression, Aichi Triennial, 2019, Out of Triennial, Yokohama Triennial, 2017, Unfreedom of Expression, Aichi Triennial, 2019, solo exhibitions in
eitoeiko include Love and Peace, 2023, Okinawan Steak, 2021, and many
others. SUHAMA

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