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Rizza Arales

Sweet Meltdown

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Rizza Arales

"Sweet Meltdown"
Acrylic on Canvas
24" x 36"

This painting is eye catching, vivid, exaggerated joy of sweetness. A local favorite treat we grew upon. As much happiness I placed on this canvas, I actually felt the opposite when creating this. 1 My mother worked overseas since i was 4 years old until i turned 16, She always brings home foreign chocolates every time she comes home, box loads of them. That's the only chance I get to taste and eat them, because we could not afford to buy it way back. My mom came home for good, after being away from me in 14 years. She settled and worked closer to me so she could watch me grow as a young woman. One time she bought me a pack of local chocolates, and said that she is sorry that it wasn't the one that I wanted, the expensive kind, she promised me we will have these things when we travel together someday. I took the chocolates and chug it into my mouth happily and told her that this is my new favorite. Now that she is gone, I want to express happy thoughts and memories. I eat these when I'm celebrating or creating and even when I'm in deep sorrow. WIe all have that comfort food, and this is mine. Not all candies are sweet on the inside. Some has a dark gloomy center.

Rizza Arales is an Art Director, Illustrator, and Visual Artist, born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Studied Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technological Univerity of the Philippines through an athlete scholarship. In spite of the art background, she didn't push through the art scene right away, she explored the road of music and entertainment for a span of years and pursued her career in Design and Advertising. She work mostly commissioned artworks that have spread all across different countries, from the Philippines to Dubai, Austria, Singapore, London based private art collectors. Rizza’s subjects are mostly woman’s anatomy and her fascination with the Nude, Vintage Erotica. Her Vibrant application of bright colors splash and contrasts of strokes defines her vivid style of painting. Some of her personal works are pin-up style illustrations.