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Nana Iguas

Take a Seat

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Oil on Canvas

24 x 36 inches


Our perception of things drastically changes when certain events happen in our lives, from childhood to adulthood, maturity is often defined as something that naturally occurs. With this matter, people who come and go in and out of our lives sometimes become a lesson that can hurt or a memory that can bring a grin on the face when thought of.

This particular output gravitates towards the concept of how we openly let other people take a seat in those empty spaces we have in our lives; letting them fill it with memoirs of events, emotions, and changes, simply comparable to a wheel of recurring circumstances represented by the carousel in the work; directs to the idea of a child-like realization, actively seeing the turning pages of how a person can transition from this to that.

It also means that you are born (hop on the ride), you go around (age and experience), the horse or cart goes up and down (life's highs and lows), after it makes full circle, you come right back to where you started, and get off (you die).