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The Melancholy of Losing Yourself

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Jo | The Melancholy of Losing Yourself

Acrylic on Canvas Board

20" x 32"



The persistent feeling of sadness overtakes our lone character. It is shown through her hair that flows like a gray cloud. Embracing her own nature, shown as the mountain of doubts and fears. She looks at the viewer with an expression of misery.

I wanted to express my own anxiety, stress, and depression that I think most of us have experienced once or even currently experiencing. This painting shows that it is fine not to be fine at the moment. It shows that you're brave if you face the challenges head on. It shows hope amidst the darkness.

Hi! I'm Jo, I love pop surrealism and works that is produced outside from photo references. I use acrylic paints to create most of my works but sometimes I dabble into digital art. I find inspiration for most of my works through my thoughts, things I find meaningful and all sorts of things. I am still learning and developing my craft.