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Romina Militante

Time for A Break

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"Time for A Break"

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 24"


"Life gets caught up in the whirlwind of work and crazy deadlines — yet only to be disrupted by a cat jumping in front of your computer screen. A momentary pause to delve in a feline’s silly act of looking for attention, you begin to ask: “What have you been up to?"" “Are you hungry?” “You look a little sad.” Questions that you should probably be asking yourself too. In this overwhelming and chaotic world, it’s good to be reminded to take a step back and allow ourselves to rest, breathe and realign our focus. And when we do, we emerge to be better and gain sight of the more important things — enjoying life as it is. It’s ok, go and take a break."

Romina Militante, With a background in graphic design and digital illustration, I started exploring painting as a gateway to get out of the comfort zone and as a self-expression of thoughts far from what I do in the daily. My works are usually stylized with the influences of traditional printmaking methods and hand-drawn gig posters. And like the name suggests - the pieces often includes random elements in the composition.