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Olops Locsin Barredo


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Olops Locsin Barredo


Oil on Canvas

48" x 36"


The purport idea is to let the spectators experience and appreciate the aesthetic effect of the artwork. The painting is about the longed affection between the living and the dead. Just like life and death, They both co-exist, they are complementary.

Rudolph Locsin Barredo or olops is a figurative artist who enjoys the play of lights and shadows. He started his Formal art training in Philippine High School for the arts that eventually brought him to pursue his interest With a degree in Fine Arts at University of the Philippines Diliman. He also use to teach classical drawing and painting in an atelier that eventually strengthen his foundation classically. His fascination to human forms caught his interest in producing art pieces emphazing the natural beauty of a human body, from contours, foreshortening, Variety of tonal values and contrasts, etc. All layed in a composition realizing a graceful suggestion of dancing forms. His good understanding of form from basic to complex and a good sense of light and shade is his lead in producing interesting chiaroscuro paintings.