Mimi Tecson

Two hands in Prayer

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Mimi Tecson |Two hands in Prayer

8x8 inches / 15x15 inches framed
Mixed media found objects assemblage
This artwork is part of the series I made, exploring new materials and colors for my works. I found this old statue of the Virgin Mary from my father's old tool box and I wanted to bring it new life.
My art focuses on the usage of various objects as a means of recollecting and representing memories. A strong emotional connection to objects and its sentimentality provide the foundation for my work. The visual language of my work encompasses both contemporary and traditional techniques with strong leaning towards arts and crafts; my process of composing found objects mirrors the reconstruction and revisualization of memories and experiences. The bricolage (the construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things which happen to be available) style in my work is applied to her interpretation of the diverse facets of human emotions, sense of history and empowerment. I often parallel this theme with my interest in popular culture, thus giving my work a sense of connection between my past and the present.