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Kenneth Leo V. Pamlas


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24" x 24"

Acrylic on Canvas


Everyone of us has some interests that bring us joy and give us the drive to live a full life. Nonetheless, we normally perform things in secret or set them aside deep inside. believing that it won't be helpful to us in meeting our daily demands. This artwork represents our passion, which we want to one day be able to share with the world and which will serve as our major tool for growing personally.

Kenneth Leo Pamlas is a 24-year-old artist from Gerona, Tarlac, whose innate artistic talent runs in the family. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Degree from Tarlac State University, he carries continuous exposure to the scene which reflects heavily on his body of art. Observing and absorbing the world around him, he wraps his works with uninhibited emotions subject to the viewers' poetic interpretation. Zeroing in on the subtle yet remarkable cracks of human skin, he puts to light experiences and challenges each individual, himself included, face. This particular honesty reveals his soul and allows him to form a connection rooted from vulnerability. To increase the affect of his work, he uses acrylic textures to resemble water, fractures, and smoke. Constantly creating, deliberating and unlocking his artistic potential, Kenneth takes on new methods, medium, and concepts. His knowledge and experiences are currently being shared with the ambitious young artists at Tarlac State University by him as a teacher in the department of fine arts.