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Kimberly Anne Carson Tolosa

Werpa! (I, II)

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Kimberly Anne Carson Tolosa

Werpa! (I, II)
Acrylic on Canvas
18" x 36" per canvas
36" x 36" full size

"Werpa!" is a throwback to the 90's kids show millenials grew up to. It is also close to my heart as I was named after the first pink ranger, but somehow resonates more to the character of the yellow ranger. And a side note to the QR codes, both can be scanned and will lead to the inspiration of this piece.

Kimberly Anne Carson Tolosa (b. 1995) is a self-taught artist from Pateros, Metro Manila, Philippines who works mainly with acrylic and ink as her medium. Kimberly’s usual subjects in her works are objects and imagery that symbolizes aspects of culture and society. A key staple in her works is the use of solid parallel lines in multiple colors, either vertical or horizontal that intersects with the main composition. She is heavily influenced by the works of artist, Agnes Martin and inner captivation to the expression of social symbolism. Her viewpoint of creating art is that being an Artist is both an honor but also a responsibility to society. Artists have freedom of expression through their chosen medium but at the same time are visual historians of the societal conditions of their time.