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And Then It Bleeds..

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"And then it bleeds.."

Oil on Canvas

24” x 24”


And then it bleeds depicts different political views by the artist. The blood red flowing around the work shows the rise of communism and the character in the hole explains how the citizens only see half of the story and only told what the government wants them to know. Where the citizens are kept in ignorance as it benefits the country. The upside down arch shows how the narrative can be flipped and most people won’t notice. The yellow triangle at the corner is how people see the opposition and that given their bad narrative people choose not to believe and cut their tongue out. And lastly the eye on the missing puzzle piece explains that once you eye opens to the truth you would never choose to keep them closed again.

"Kalem is an Artist/ Architect with a natural passion for painting scenarios based on personal views. The bald blue naked character symbolizes her in the experience but shows boldness, neutrality, and equality as she often tackles issues of gender inequality.