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Jeremy (JEM) Benasa


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" Defend "

Oil on Denim

20” x 28”


"--Artist Statement Title: ""DEFEND"" Nature is marvelous and at the same time mystical, comparable to the mythical creature I have painted. My creative process brought me here, to the point of realization that man and nature are one. As a budding landscape painter, I tried to merge my favorite subject, which is nature with the figure of a man. It's thus forming a gigantic creature that is positioned as if it is ready to defend himself by raising his guard. We see here our oneness with nature - that we must take care of, as we take care of ourselves, since it is from nature where we get our needs. Let me remind the viewer about our duty - not only to take but to give back, giving importance to life itself. Because we breathe in air as we step on land, as plants need our breath. - Jeremy Benasa "

"Jeremy (JEM) Benasa is a Visual Artist, Musician and Martial Artist. Jem is a landscape artist; he paints sceneries from his imagination and exhibited his pieces in various galleries including Giant Dwarf, KUTA artspace and Venice Grand Canal. He is being mentored by Jie Adamat - the founder of Parola Artists Group. He has been involved in competitive sports such as Taekwondo and Track & Field since the age of 10. Drawing is introduced to him by his uncle and piqued his interest in arts, Later on Jem began taking part in art contests at school. He won many competitions including the most recently ""On-the-Spot painting competition"" with the theme ""Sining ng Pagasa"" at Pililla, Rizal. He began by watching YouTube videos from painters like Bob Ross and became fascinated by the landscape they can create using their own creativity. Now, Jem is an active member of Parola Artists Group, Neo Angono Artists collective and PALAD (Pililla Group)"