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Lec Alecxis

Fallen Cat

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 “Fallen Cat”

Acrylic on Canvas

24” x 36”


Art Description: I met a woman at a certain Facebook group about cats and she asked for help with regards to rehoming four kittens that she found at a dumpster. She cannot accommodate the stray kittens anymore so I decided to take two of them home. She pledged to shoulder almost all of the vet expenses for as long as I will take care of them. My two other adopted cats welcomed them two with open arms. I did everything for them to be healthy and feel loved but unfortunately, the universe has other plans for them. I still grieve about their death until now. But because of them, I gained a new friend. I dedicate this piece to all the cats that crossed the rainbow bridge. There's a lot of cat treats there, for sure!

"Lec illustrates her fragile thoughts through idiosyncratic pieces. Her style exhibits the expression of the rawness of emotions, freedom, abundant use of colors and child-like quality that epitomizes the lack of education- which depicts her own subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arose from her life."