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Ralph Allen Semilla

Farewell 3

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Ralph Allen Semilla

"Farewell 3"
Oil on Canvas
24" x 24"
The significance of butterflies as signs of life after death is a worldwide belief. When a person suffering from the loss of a loved one has this kind of unique experience with a butterfly, they feel it is their loved one communicating with them. They interpret the appearance of the butterfly as a message that the deceased is okay and continues to live in another realm. Sometimes, the butterfly could be the soul of someone important that has passed away. They are telling you that you shouldn’t grieve too much about their loss. The butterfly signifies that they are in a better place now and that you should try to move on already.

Ralph Allen Semilla is a professional artist who works exclusively in oils on canvas. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts back in 2009 from the University of the East-Caloocan and has since gone on to work for the publishing house, as a Graphic Artist. He became open to many other paths and careers such as portraiture, figure drawing, background colorist, and tattoo artist. Being open to different art forms has given him a broad perspective on the arts allowing him to mix different art forms together and unique works of art.