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Juanito Gatdula

Kandungang Paraiso

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Juanito "Itto" Gatdula

"Kandungang Paraiso"
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 48"

Kandungang Paraiso represents mother and child.

It shows how the mother take good care of her baby even in their hard condition most especially when their child is sick. Just like any mother, she can do anything to comfort her baby.

This artwork also showcase our love for the mother nature. We should be responsible for our surrounding. Let us keep and protect our wild forest to illegal logging. Do not throw our waste in the river or even everywhere

This painting also symbolizes a breeze of air blowing lovingly and sounding like a mother with a sleeping child on her lap. The tree trunks and branches shows mother nature hold her baby and protected by the leaves and grass and the other elements around are totally well organized by the nature.


Juanito “Itto” Gatdula is a visual artist from Alfonso, Cavite. He is a sign artist and he makes signages, manual t-shirt prints, billboards, plastic lightboxes, panaflex signs, murals, and cinema displays. But when new technology came in, his business slowly weakened.

A few years later, he almost gave up his art business. During this worst moment, he noticed the shapes and lines of grass, and the flow of the grass as the wind blows. This was when he discovered the art style he called “Abstraction of Nature” and the light of his art career start again.

He is the co-founder of the Tagaytay Artist Group and he participated in many group exhibitions and among the artists who joined, he became the top grosser. Itto is also a member of Art Association of the Philippines where he took part in a few annual competitions.

As an artist, he facilitates workshops in rehabilitation centers and schools. He also teaches individuals who are interested to learn and develop their artistic talent.