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Ronaldo Ruiz

Magic Portal

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Magic Portal | Ronaldo Ruiz

Acrylic on Canvas

60" x 48"


MAGIC PORTAL Is a collection of paintings which depicts a seemingly magical gateway or doorway. It symbolizes an entrance towards one’s quest in life; a gateway towards the road of never-ending search for perfection. Since time immemorial, the symbol has been associated with the womb, fertility, force, progression, development, continual change, faith and the evolution of the cosmos. The circle with its dark colored rings which surrounds the Portal symbolizes man’s never ending pursuit for growth, development, treasure, power and prosperity. Likewise, at the margins which mantle the Portal are the various, scattered and speckled colors and shapes which depicts the four major elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Likewise, the harmony and unanimity of the colors and shades represents Quintessence (literally means fifth element) which some people refer as the Spirit.