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Channels of Indifferent Times

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Chipeupu | Channels of Indifferent Times

Mixed Media On Canvas

24" x 24"


Time is a social construct. The work depicts how time constantly moves and how some are still trying to make it as their own.


Esmeralda was born in Manila on the 16th of March 2000. Raised in Pasay with two brothers, she discovered her interest in art through her brother who was taking painting lessons from Maestro Orobia in 2010; she would vaguely replicate a few of his worksheets but would ultimately fail as she had no prior education in art. This interest soon bloomed into creating when she entered primary school, a few years later, she was one of her school’s go-to contestant for on and off-campus art competitions.

She took up an art strand at the University of Santo Tomas where she was then properly introduced in the art scene and education. Continuing her education at the same university, she received her bachelor's degree majoring in Painting in the year 2022.

Her works revolve around her unconscious and sudden ideas about the world and of her own experiences, while actively including her commentaries and criticism about various societal and psychosocial struggles. Her bright-colored polychromatic works features surrealistic elements that helps her to convey her message through symbolism. Throughout the years, she has jumped back and forth through mediums – from oil pastels to acrylic paints – but currently has taken a liking toward the fluidity and opacity of gouache and acrylic paints. She takes heavy inspiration from Alfredo Esquillo, Tokwa Penaflorida, and Rodel Tapaya. Esmeralda wishes to create art that speaks what she cannot put into words, and to create art that consoles people and engages them into action and thinking.