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MJ Cuasay

Mi Gato Encantador

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MJ Cuasay | Mi Gato Encantador

Mixed Media On Canvas
36" x 24"

My artwork was inspired by the famous painting "Mona Lisa" by Leornardo da Vinci. In my painting I put face mask with a cat face print on it to still remind us to always wear our face mask for protection to Covid 19 viruses. The 90's song I choose to represent this artwork is Beautiful in My Eyes (1994) by Joshua Kadison which is also my grandmother's favorite song.

Mhar Jhun Cuasay, (MJ Cuasay) 28 years of age, is a self-thought artist lives in Brgy. Dalig Batangas City. He is a BSBA graduate and have taken Marketing Management major at St. Bridget College. He works for almost 5 years in banking industry which is in line with his course taken on college. But because of his love and passion in art, he decided to pursue his dreams and became a full time freelance artist. The style of his paintings are realism, impressionism and surrealism. The medium that he use in his paintings are charcoal, coffee, acrylic, and oil. His artworks are usually religious theme and his favorites subjects are rosary, birds, flowers, fish, portraits and illustrations of Jesus Christ face and many more. Leonardo Da Vinci, Marcello Barenghi and Jono Dry are the artists the he is inspired with the most. He is also a proud member of Grupo Sining Batangueno (GSB), Arte-Likha and ARAL Art Group. His art profile is not just limited to the style of what he have today, He always open to explore more with different theme and medium where he can express more himself through his art and color.