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Vanessa Tria

Mystic Haven

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Vanessa Tria

“Looking for that Light”

Acrylic on Canvas

12” x 12”


"Vanessa Tria’s distinct and vibrant painterly and impressionist strokes emanated from her curiosity as a child-- on how the hues vary from different lighting and, also, the delighted feeling from scenery during sunrise and sentimental emotion as it disappears from the horizon. The moment the colors reach the canvas, it was the same time she paints her feeling onto it. Vanessa believed that art in every form is beautiful, and that it is also a wonder to see things differently. Art for her was a stress reliever, an escape from the excruciating reality. It calms her soul to see the beauty in life. That in every dark hue, a contrasting light color awaits. Her works mostly involve high contrasting and vibrant tones, with remarkable and visible strokes and textures; detailed either with paint brush or palette knife. Heartened by the old masters, from Van Gogh’s dramatic and bold strokes, Claude Monet’s radical impressionist style and lastly by Paul Cezanne’s painterly and constructive brush strokes. Her works were inspired by these astounding artists, reconstructing their distinct legacies into her own pieces. She continuously moves forward for future discoveries and improvements as an artist and how her artworks leave a remarkable impression on her audience; believing that each piece that she paints from the bottom of her emotions and imagination, a true soul mate patiently waits."

Ever wonder why flowers blossom beautifully to just wither and die someday. Life indeed moves mysteriously; we question yet we just live with a rollercoaster ride of sorrow and joy.