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Marius Black


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Mixed media on watercolor paper

9” x 12”


Marius Black is a traditional painter and independent comic book artist. He is also the founder of Kuro Saku, a tandem art group with his wife Guada. They write, draw and self-publish their own comic books, art books, poetry and novels. Book Vandalism (or Add Art) is an approach in which Marius uses the pages of a book as his canvas. Adding art to the images he finds on the page, vandalizing the book, not to destroy it but to elevate the page into an artwork itself. He “skins” the flesh off his subjects exposing their inner beauty using red ballpoint pens which he calls Masochism. His most famous art series is Manila Ukiyo-E which depicts the everyday lives of Filipinos in a modern version of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and has been featured on numerous publications and Prestigious websites.