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Pug Story

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Pug Story
Acrylic on Canvas
36" x 36"

Sherrif Poogy is a chubby puggy plastic toy trying hard to fit in a cowboy suit – seems like it would burst anytime soon. He is a loyal toy who has been Andy’s favourite since kindergarten. As his owner grew old, play time became lesser and lesser, yet, he still believes that Andy still cares about his toys. As devoted as he is, Poogy strives to be as cute as possible, showing of his plump and adorable physique. Poogy is a smart, determined and passionate pug, and would do anything for his dearest friends. Being the most dependable and tactical one amongst them all, he became the most charming leader in ‘The Pugverse’. Altogether, they venture to an unknown future while ensuring that no toy gets left behind.

VanPug’s art is one part whimsical and comical realism. She has created an alternate universe called as “The Pugverse”. In this place, one can imagine that her pugs as her subject of artistry live just a human being does. Her artworks would surely give a ‘familiar, yet different’ feeling. Utmost fantasies and enthralling image of pugs could ever be envisioned; a place where pugs run the world. Using acrylics and oils as her favorite media, she continues to paint adorable masterpieces that would surely bring sunshine. Her works set as a reminder that amidst the struggles, it is essential to always see joy even in little things. For her, painting happy thoughts equates blissful outlook in life. You become what you paint.