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Rowel Vicencio

Twilight (Soul Searching 2)

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Rowel Vicencio

"Twilight (Soul Searching 2)"

Acrylic on Canvas

24" x 24"


Twilight of soul searching 2 is about figuring out where your soul dwelts more. where you feed your soul better and make your inner self be the best on every situation. u take a lot of time to meditate or chose to be alone on your favorite place from morning until the start of the evening just to wait for the perfect time that you know your inner self grows and glow. ready to fulfill your true mission as the brand new day approaches again

Rowel Vicencio is a 43 years old painter from Mandaluyong City. He showcases masterpieces that is focus on one's great emotion and pure perspective in life. His artworks are usually themed with social awareness and inner passion with immense sprinkles and splattering hues harmonizing with his trademark of his impression strokes