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Valyria (the merchant)

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“Valyria (the merchant)”





This is part of the Non-Player Characters (NPCs) series. The series portrays NPCs in video games using a unique combination of lines and colors that simulate code. The structured pattern of lines and colors suggests programming logic, while the dynamic use of colors creates a sense of motion. This painting challenges the traditional definition of art by blending technology and creative expression.

Valyria, the merchant, is a wise and colorful character. She is extremely reliable when customers need something and is always willing to go to various sources to obtain rare goods. Additionally, she is a source of encouragement and advice for those who need it.


3CV links from a computer shortcut, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, which means copy and paste. On his own belief that to this day everything already exists but, is diverse, distinct, and modifiable in his own vision.

3CV is a humanitarian artist who seek to enhance people’s welfare through his preferred medium. A multipotentialite that could incorporate both his traditional art and graphic art in one. His artworks’ mostly speaks volume of his views and sentiments in terms of cultural, political and societal issues. Since he is not only confined to convey his mastery of art in a traditional manner. He in his most divergent thinking experiments his unique way of disseminating his art to various audiences. Approaching the availability of modern technologies and the emergence of social media that he used in his own advantage. Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different media, grouped around specific themes and meanings.