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Gab Brioso

Voxel Exomoon Geosphere 1

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Acrylic, Plaster, Clay, Transparent Hose and Recycled 3D Printed Plastic on Canvas

24 x 24 inches


Voxel Exomoon Geosphere 1 is a design fiction artifact from a far digital future where cyberspace dominates the built environment. It is a slice of speculative rock from a Digital Exomoon that revolves around the planet in the post-anthropocene future. The artist aims to fictionalize a hypothetical future to probe and react to situations that are present in our contemporary culture. More particularly, it is an artwork formed from conversations with a volcanologist about speculations on the post-anthropocene world which is highly likely to be shaped by disasters and human activity. In the far-off future, it is The piece serves as a meditation on the relationship of technology, humans, the immediate environment and digital culture. It aspires to instigate conversations on how these four factors are slowly merging with the flourishing of each in our modern day.