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Arnel David Garcia

With The Smile (Series #2)

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"With The Smile"

24" x 24"

Cold Cast Resin


You know what they say about the color red? It's a basic element, a story in itself. The red object is always chosen, always on the other side, always alone, always different from the rest. And that's just like me. I always find myself standing alone, doing things my way. I am the red object, always wanting to take on challenges on my own, to work alone. Some people might say I'm stubborn or difficult to work with, but I know what I'm capable of. I don't need anyone else to hold me back or slow me down. I am the red one.


Arnel David Garcia is a versatile artist, educator, and mentor. He is a skilled sculptor and painter known for his attention to detail and emotional depth. Arnel is also a lecturer, facilitator, and resource speaker with years of experience in helping others unlock their creativity. He conducts workshops and provides guidance to aspiring artists, contributing to the growth of the artistic community.